Goalbook – Digital IEP Tool

Goalbook Beta Overview from Daniel Yoo on Vimeo.

As schools move toward a full inclusion model for special education, communication regarding students becomes even more important. A student with an IEP may work with several teachers during any given day which can make the tracking of modifications and accommodations difficult. GOALBOOK is a collaborative digital tool that allows teachers to track the progress of special education students based on the specifics of their IEP’s.

To create an account, use your board assigned email address(e.g – xxxxx.xxxxx@tcdsb.org). Once you have created an account, you can add your school and anyone with the same board assigned email stem can join as well. You can add your students and the particulars of their IEP to your own class and add the other teachers that work with that student. They will have access to that student’s progress and will be able to make updates as well. Student progress is tracked graphically and anecdotally. Privacy is protected because only invited teachers will have access to a particular student profile.

The potential for this digital tool is incredible. The more available that any resource is to a user, the more likely that he or she will be willing to use it. Likewise, the easier it becomes to track and coordinate the progress of a student, the more likely that a collaborative model will be used to support the needs of that student.

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