Open-sourcing Education


IDEO is a leading design firm that has entered into the field of social innovation. They are using design principles to solve MAJOR global issues, for example How might we restore vibrancy in cities and regions facing economic decline? The site aggregates ideas from participants and follows a process leading to action. This open-source approach uses technology as a vehicle to CONNECT. Check out the video below for a quick overview:

We need a forum to connect these ideas. Its time to value the knowledge within the system and use technology to connect educators in a revolutionary and solutions based manner. What would the educational version look like?

2 thoughts on “Open-sourcing Education

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  2. At connect I spoke with some people at cube ( They talked it up as social bookmarking for educators… Personally though, I’d rather use what the rest of the world is using. When we start compartmentalizing “_____________ for educators” we negate the fact that our kids are a part of the world. We put learning into some weird bubble; that’s unrealistic. It doesn’t sit well with me. Think about how lame Learn 360 or teacher tube are compared to youtube.

    I love the idea of making networks for learning, but I’d rather see that done through precise, planned out hashtags and online chats that are open to the rest of the world. Maybe set a time for #TCDSBchat? I have a feeling that people outside our board would have a lot to add to our “collective knowledge”. It might also be a nice way of extending conversations like the one we had at lunch at Connect.

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